“Blue” cafe

The stadium of FC Jagodina today officially opened “Blue” cafe in the tradition of the great clubs, a place where they could gather fans, players and all other football fans and the club.

This is another building in the City stadium which should provide the versatility of this sporskog complex near Hotel Garni  “Cop” which opened on the north stand and gym “Anic Gym”. Immediately next to cafe “Blue” in the coming period we expect the opening of several objects with different content, such as beauty parlor, pastry shop, a few boutiques…

At the opening of the cafe President of FC Jagodina Goran Milanovic said that the city Jagodina issued a tender for the construction of the reflector so that the lighting installation at the city stadium, but during the summer contribute to the complex, multifunctional sports stadiums around the city.


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